The Headlines and a Question of Freedom of Speech! Bahamas Citizen “Louis Bacon is Being Watched”

News headlines around the world have used the name of this blog, in more ways than I can count. Most comments support freedom of speech.

I read an article and I comment on it, yet now I am sought.  Legally I can not really get into the threatening, but mostly encouraging emails and comments posted world wide.

I have not lied. I have done nothing more than commented on articles I come across in newspapers and websites, and yes they are mostly about Louis Bacon.

I find it amazing that WIKIPEDIA can alter a page so dramatically it looks like a public relations piece, not a NPOV wiki, where are the negatives, where are did the articles go? The ones of course that report anything but the good?

So I a lone blogger, that became interested in this elusive Billionaire, am now loosing sleep over words I chose to use, words  that are my opinion, but still based on facts, on the truth.

Today alone a quick search produced many headlines. remember Louis, you brought this on.

Business Insider has plenty to say about the feud between Bacon and Bahamian Neighbor. Will Courtney Comstock be expecting court documents in her inbox? Will this piece remain up longer than a week? And how is what I have said any different? Why do I suddenly need a legal team.

For the record NEVER has this blog or the email associated with it received any correspondence from Mr Bacon or his legal team, nope, I first read about it in a google alert.

BAHAMAS CITIZEN, is that not a credible source? Again the word here, cut and pasted, are no different than the comments that I have made. So why is “gotbacon” the poster blog of free speech? Why am I called a “liar”?  I am confused! I loved the first Airborne Toxic Event Album, I legally down loaded the second. I can’t stand it. I have many opinions about the songs, how they are arranged, and really I feel as though it is “part 2” of their most popular song. Frankly I hate it, am let down, and think it sucks!  Should I be worried about posting these comments? Are they really any different?  They are my personal opinion about something that I heard, listened to. I don’t care to divulge my name, I stand by my words, but, I don’t feel that I want to be judged by my opinion, defend my opinion, especially on the school yard.

I have nothing to hide, yet, I enjoy my privacy.

My freedom of speech, my opinion, will forever be changed should this ridiculous court order be enforced in the United States.

Bahamas Citizen was also active, reporting on the story and ongoing dispute, linked right on to the Business Insider Blog, will they too be sued? So I ask and I ASK and I read and I read – post after post comment after comment. Obviously there is something I am missing, It would be nice, if Louis Bacon or his legal team, would do me the personal courtesy of sending a brief email, comment or post, asking me to tone it down, correct a fact, or just plain old STOP BLOGGING – but nope! To this day I have not received a single piece of correspondence. 

MAY 5, 2011  Bahamas Citizen “Louis Bacon is Being Watched’

Hedge fund financier Louis Bacon may have to worry about the attention his investment company
Moore Capital is getting in the international press because of scandal investigations, but he will also
have to keep tuned in to the local press as well.
As global finance watchdogs are investigating several hedge fund groups for alleged involvement in a
scam that cost victims billions of dollars, there are watchdogs in The Bahamas with their eyes on this
particular financier, Louis Bacon.

Reports are that Mr. Bacon has not returned to his home, Point House, Lyford Cay, ever since members
of the Royal Bahamas Police Force conducted a raid on his home.

According to the Minister of National Security, Tommy Turnquest, speaking on Gems 105.9 with ‘Hard
Copy’ host Steve McKinney, the police searched Mr. Bacon’s home for the speakers because there was
a possibility that they were intercepting transmissions that planes were receiving in order to land at
the Lynden Pindling International Airport. The speakers are believed to be long-range acoustic devices
(LRADs) which are used by the military to control crowds or inflict pain or displeasure on an opponent.
The piercing and deliberate sound waves can travel for miles, and have therefore been used by the
military to seize pirates out on the seas.

To date, the public has no official word from police about two pairs of speakers that JCN Channel
14 captured on videotape, although they are believed to be the kind of sonic weapon that only our
Bahamian forces should have access to. Mr. Bacon’s attorney, however, Mr. Pericles Mailis, stated in
The Tribune that the speakers were returned to his clients three hours after the raid was conducted.
Another Tribune article states that the speakers are not being used as military weapons, but they do
have the ability to be upgraded to the kind of device that can be labeled as a weapon.

Since the raid, the public has commented through talk shows about this issue, asking whether or not a
proper investigation could have been done in such a short period of time (three hours). Callers on Hard
Copy wanted to know if a Bahamian could possess such speakers, have them taken away and returned
in such a short period of time, and nothing would come out of it.

What is of concern for host Mr. McKinney is that no one has answered any of his questions about this
mysterious Lyford Cay incident. In addition to the tight lipped responses of government officials over
the speakers, he pointed out that members of the press who tried to follow the Dan Tuckfield story
have had no luck there as well. Mr. Tuckfield died at Point House, allegedly in a Jacuzzi pool. Whereas
investigators said they suspected no foul play, the press has been unable to get an official report from a
pathologist to confirm for the public, the manner in which a visitor to our shores lost his life.

In addition to the speakers, possibly sonic weapons, and the mysterious death at the home of Louis
Bacon, there is yet another issue which brings the Point House home under public scrutiny. There is
now a motion in the courts against Mr. Bacon from his neighbor, Mr. Peter Nygard.

Mr. Nygard filed a motion in the Supreme Court against his neighbor because he claims Mr.
Bacon “disrupted, blocked, and realigned the roadway” that once led to his home. Mr. Nygard also

complained to the court that Mr. Bacon’s contractors dug up his driveway and permanently realigned
the roadway, then added walls on either side. Mr. Nygard also complains in his motion that Mr. Bacon
constructed a gate at the eastern end of the roadway and erected signage that led to the obstruction
of the roadway for Nygard Cay visitors. In addition, he complains of the numerous speed bumps and
the six video cameras installed and that it serves as a service road for Point House when it was once an
ambient entrance for Nygard Cay visitors.

Mr. Nygard also told the courts about the speakers which belong to Mr. Bacon. Mr. Nygard points out
that after his home was destroyed by fire in November, 2009, he has resorted to living in his yacht,
which is moored near the perimeter of Point House. It is at this perimeter that these speakers, or
acoustic devices, were installed. Mr. Nygard complained in his court motion that his neighbor has used
the speakers to his detriment. He recalls times when the sound waves gave him irregular heartbeats
and headaches, and resulted in him having to lie down to recuperate.

Due to the fact that the neighbor speaks about irregular heartbeats, there is a possibility that Mr.
Tuckfield’s “heart attack” could have been the result of him being in the way when the speakers were
turned up, even if by accident. This is the reason why Mr. Nygard has complained about the speakers,
which are on record as having inflicted harm and even death.

Mr. Bacon’s attorney Pericles Mailis has also stated in the press that the devices were used to deflect
the sound from Mr. Nyagrd’s “loud parties”. However, Mr. Nygard claims there were no loud parties at
his home since the fire last year.

Mr.Nygard has not been allowed to rebuild his home to date, despite the fact that he plans to spend
$50 million to rebuild it, providing some 300 jobs during the tenure of the project. Mr. Nygard says he is
experiencing extraordinary red tape from the government in his quest to rebuild his home.

Minister of the Environment Earl Deveaux is holding the ball in his hands, as Mr. Nygard seeks
permission to continue his lease of the waterfront at Nygard Cay. The approval of his permit would
inject funds into the public purse, while the home reconstruction project would inject funds directly into
the pockets of many Bahamians.

His home has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’,
giving the Bahamas additional international exposure. A trip to Nygard cay today would be less than
illustrious, as this investor, who has committed himself to the Bahamas and the development.


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