Saint Louis No More! Bacon Hires Rouge FBI Agent, and Alleged Assassin to Discredit and Harm Neighbor

We all know you can’t be a billionaire hedge funder without ruffling a few feathers, all is fair in love and war?  Louis Bacon has crossed the line.

Most bow down to him, however the few who choose to stand up to Louis Bacon, find them selves in an almost “Terror Tale” fearing for their well being, after unleashing the wrath of the normally cool, collected and protected, Louis Moore Bacon.

Colorado learned, he flipped sides, sold out the people he was pretending to befriend, when it was discovered that he actually owned a huge number of shares in Xcel Energy, the “beast, the corporate greed monster” that he would pretend to slay (NIMBY)

Today,  former Scotland Yard Inspector in a lengthy Affidavit describes and alleges a pattern of conduct of which LOUIS MOORE BACON,  led the ground work for an attack on is Lyford Cay, Bahamas neighbor.

It began with a tiff in a property easement argument and then it blossomed into a no holds barred contest where Bacon the bully, called the fine outstanding members of Lyford Cay, to his side, on the basis, that his neighbor “broke protocol”, really, he allowed Black Bahamians into the posh community, known for its racist practices.

The neighbor, who owns one of the few free hold properties, has been an advocate and friend of the Bahamian people for nearly 40 years, where he has made the Bahamas home.  Louis Bacon, who owns numerous estates world wide, only recently bought his way into Bahamian society.

Oh, but it gets more exciting ….

Morrison alleges that Bacon got the Lyford Cay Property Owners Association to work with him to discredit his neighbor, in a way which would lead to his expulsion from the community.

The Association then is alleged to have hired Forrester to do the dirty work. Forrester then hired Pratt whom he describes in the Affidavit as a cold calculating man who killed or maimed prisoners on his keep.  Forrester talks extensively on secret video tape recordings about Pratt killed a person that Forrester literally kidnapped and brought back to Nassau.

Forrester also brags about his running interference to get the Canadian television station to air a news documentary which was produced for the sole purpose of trying to ruin the neighbor financially, causing him to sell his home for a fraction of its worth to Bacon.

His neighbor fears for his personal safety given the reputation of Forrester and Pratt.

Stay tuned …

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