Senators Unveil Bacons Illegal Actions – Bahamas Journal the Only Paper to Write the truth

Again, I commend the Bahamas Journal! What brave citizens you are! I hope there is a law fund by the people of our great nation, to make sure you stay in business and continue to detail the growing illegal actions of the Billionaire Bully, above the Law. Louis Moore Bacon!!

Dirty Deeds indeed!!!  In December senators in the Bahamas exposed that this fake environmentalist illegally dredged the sea bed near his Lyford Cay Estate, The Point House which he has now put on the market for 36 Million Dollars. Another illegal and shady action, in a year that has plagued this super stealth mystery man. To date, death and insider trading, illegal weaponry had haunted him, and were for the most part kept out of the papers by his attorneys, but again our favorite NIMBY environmentalist feels that like his Colorado ranch, the waters of the Bahamas and the laws that protect him, do not apply to people like him.

Maybe thats why he paid the Bahamas National Trust so much money? to look the other way???

Louis Bacon Environmentalist?

Senators in the Bahamas unveil Illegal Actions

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