Louis Bacon Investigation – Bahamas Journal Hard Copy January 19 2011

The FNM party in the Bahamas, has lost trust and support by helping (covering up corruption, and accepting bribes and payoffs) by Louis Bacon, of Moore Capital and others.

The entire article is posted, or email me directly if you want a copy.

It is amazing that a major news agency does not have the guts to cover this story! If this were the Obama Government, we would be all over it, every news agency in the country would be covering corruption, however, the Bahamas is a tax haven for the rich and powerful global political contributors, so all is hidden, written off to 3rd world politics. But not so fast!!!

The Government of the Bahamas goes above the law for foreign investors,  even when it comes to environmental and criminal concerns, like those surrounding Louis Bacons Point House in Lyford Cay. By Bahamian Law, Bacons illegal dredging, without permits on crown land, is a true criminal offense and based on Bahamian Law, could face fines and up to three months in jail, plus deportation from the Bahamas, is this why he is selling?

Louis Bacon could be charged and face jail time in the Bahamas

Billionaire causes Bahamian Government to come under fire.

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