Criminal Investigation Louis Bacon Environmental Laws Broken in the Bahamas

My good friend woke up the other morning and his blog, Who is Louis Bacon was gone. Removed. Although he did not violate the terms of the user agreement, somehow, like many blogs, stories and even newspaper articles, all negative press about Louis Moore Bacon, lasts only a minute on the internet, as his team of lawyers send threatening letters to all media sources.

Since when is one not allowed to post and discuss what is hidden and buried about this bully billionaire. When you are one of the richest men in the world you can hide behind the media, use it as a weapon, hire PR firms to spin, and lawyers to make the bad disappear. Even bodies, like the dead body of Dan Tuckfield that was found in Louis Bacons hot tub last spring, a day or two before a drug bust was to go down- gone! The body, and the story.

When he was called a “godfather” in the UK media, the London Daily News quickly retracted their story , tail between their legs, licking Louis Bacons wounds. A major news paper in Nassau Bahamas lost their entire web based archives, every link, the history of the Island and their people, vanished in one quick delete stroke.

The letters from Louis Bacons attorneys are a joke. The subject of Bahamian humor, as it seems these days, most people on the island have received some type of cease and desist, you just can’t talk about Louis Moore Bacon!!! In an bad light.

One paper, a hard copy national news edition speaks the truth in good old fashion ink. Corruption plagues this shady billionaire.  Government cover ups, resignations, illegal actions. pay offs and death are the way the he plays.

He didn’t like the music or the local black Bahamians at the neighbors house in Lyford Cay, as his attorney put it, the neighbor failed to abide by Lyford Cay protocol (Black Bahamians can only be service staff, not guests or residents) so Louis Bacon purchased ultra sonic weaponry to drive the neighbor and his guests off his property.

Yup! When you have money, y0u have the freedom to break the rules, and get away with it.

Taylor, your blog was the truth and the many many people who read it did learn a little about Louis Bacon, one of the worlds richest and biggest bullies around!!!

Truth hurts Louis, you played the game too long, with the internet and transparency, its only a matter of time before there are just too many feathers in the wind for even you to stuff back into that pillow!! Enjoy the following articles they are published with permission!!!!

Louis Bacon Investigation

Criminal Charges may be filed against Louis Bacon

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